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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. can you believe this weather in december? we had a record-setting warmth around the bay area with at least six records broken. this is a live look at oakland where it reached 70 degrees today. it was warm enough for a beach day in san francisco. we caught several people working on their tans. spencer christian is outside with a first look at the accuweather forecast. >> second full day of winter and christmas eve's eve and people are going to the beach. go figure. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it has been a warm day. clear skies right now, sunny all across the bay area. let's take a look at some of the highs so far. numerous records, six to be precise so far. san rafael, oakland, san
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francisco, sfo, oakland field -- moffett field, rather, and san jose, all record highs for this day. san francisco actually tied their record high but still records nonetheless. let's start the forecast animation. things are going to change. animation starts at 7:00 this evening. clouds move in tonight. clouds will thicken tomorrow. rain arrives tomorrow afternoon. it will be much cooler tomorrow. it will actually feel like a winter day. the rain will be sliding southward as the day goes on. meanwhile, in the sierra, winter weather advisory in effect tomorrow from noon to 8:00 p.m., we expect three to six inches of snow. above 6,000 feet, above a foot of snow. blowing snow is possible and travel delays and chain requirements are likely. so winter-like weather will arrive tomorrow here and in the sierra. i will show you what's to follow in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. a large hillside in san francisco is sliding, forcing park rangers to close a popular trail. this comes of course after
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several days of heavy rain over the past few weeks. today, a usgs geologist went out to check on conditions there. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live with more on the situation. wayne? >> reporter: mud slides are never convenient. the location of this one even less so. san francisco residents finally got a beautiful day, no rain, an opportunity to enjoy it but now the byproduct of that rain. you see that yellow tape down there? and the jogger who happens to be paying no attention to it at all? right behind that is the mud slide. it's a nice walk with a fine reward. >> you've got a really beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: for now, an even better view of california's unstable coastline in action. thanks to a large slide that materialized yesterday. it remains unstable enough that the national park service has closed 1500 feet of walkway to public access just in time for the holiday weekend. >> this is a situation that comes up from time to time and we are always going to err on
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the side of caution to keep visitors safe. >> reporter: meantime, the slide has become an interesting case study for the united states geological survey. dr. jonathan stock looked around today. he notes that this slide is within an older slide, essentially a pre-existing condition. closing it, he says, was justified. >> there's a possibility they will see this small land side here migrate into the older bigger one. >> reporter: it depends on rainfall and future accumulation. in short, not so much the end of the world but at land's end, certainly a crack in it. overlooking the golden gate bridge, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. you can't blame the rain for this flooding in mill valley. the king tide came in today and covered low-lying areas, especially along highway 1 at the 101 interchange. drivers had to slosh through several inches of standing water. it didn't get high enough to strand cars but it did rise enough to cover most of this parking lot overlooking the bay. the next king tide won't come along until mid-january.
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police in the east bay still looking for david rowenzel's killers and have increased their reward to $25,000. the english teacher was gunned down four weeks ago today while on an afternoon hike in huckleberry botanic regional preserve. investigators are looking for two men they call persons of interest at this stage but not suspects. the man on the left weighs about 240 pounds. the other man is believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s. >> somebody knows these people. there are people right this minute out there who know these people. they need -- it would be great if they could step forward, take our money. >> police think robbery may have been the motive. the victim's wallet was stolen and his credit cards were used in oakland after he was killed. president obama applauded sony's decision to release "the interview" on christmas day after all. >> the controversial film was pulled following threats from hackers who broke into sony's
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computers. abc 7 news reporter caroline tyler live to tell us who will be showing the movie. carolyn? >> reporter: it is small houses that are willing to take a stand like the smith rafael movie theater which is still in the process of negotiating to get that film. the new parkway in oakland and the rialto in berkeley do have permission to show "the interview" this week. you will be able to see "the interview" after all. the christmas day release was pulled from major movie theater chains after threats of violence from a group believed associated with north korea. but owners of small independent theaters like mark fishkin started a campaign to encourage sony pictures to allow them to screen the film and to not give in to intimidation. >> if any one of these entities
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called us and said i'm sorry, you can't show that film, you know, that would be just anathema to us who work so hard as curators to try to get these issues and these really artistic films to the forefront of audiences. >> reporter: fishkin, the executive director of the california film institute, says he got calls from people wanting his theater to show the controversial comedy. people we talked to said they would go just to make a statement. >> i actually walked out of at least one of the movies made with that crowd. but yeah, now probably because of the whole stir i would go see it. >> reporter: president obama had criticized sony last week for allowing movie theaters to pull the plug on the movie. the white house released a statement today applauding the company's decision to authorize screenings. quote, we are a country that believes in free speech and the right of artistic expression. weeks before the controversy, "the interview" had a premiere at the castro theater organized
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by the san francisco film society. the director says this turn of events is wonderful for the nation's independent movie theaters. >> the film like "the interview" would not normally play independent cinemas but in this case just because of the strange circumstances, all these wonderful small theaters all across america are actually going to have the chance to play this film which will probably be the box office winner of the season. it's kind of a victory for the little guy. >> reporter: sony says it has never given up on releasing the movie. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> as soon as the sony announcement was made there was quick reaction from the movie's stars. seth rogan says freedom has prevailed. sony didn't give up. the interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it. james franco tweeted victory, the president and the people have spoken. actor rob lowe isn't in the movie but has been vocal about the controversy. he tweeted glad to see james franco and seth rogan happy and
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plugged in again. welcome back, guys. we missed you. 49ers linebacker aldon smith says he was not drinking at former teammate ray mcdonald's house the day after a woman claims mcdonald may have sexually assaulted her. the woman told police that smith, who is free on three years probation for a dui conviction, was drinking with mcdonald. smith tells the san jose mercury news that he was there at the home but was not drinking, although espn is reporting the niners will be looking into the allegations. mcdonald has not been charged in the sexual assault case and that investigation continues into just exactly what happened. today, federal health officials are recommending an end to the nation's lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. they suggest replacing it with a new policy barring donations from men who have had sex with another man during the previous year. >> that's not reality. effectively this continues to ban most gay and bisexual men from donating blood. >> the lifetime ban dates from
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the early years of the aids crisis but many medical groups, including the american medical association, say the policy is no longer supported by science given advances in hiv testing. suspected dui drivers collided with contra costa sheriff patrol cars twice this month. one crash happened when deputies were on a traffic stop on the shoulder of highway 4 nearbyron. a driver sideswiped one car and rear-ended another. the second crash was when a driver ran into the back of a patrol car stopped at a red light. the highway patrol's drunk driving crackdown runs through the new year's holiday. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, caught on video. why a family ended up chasing down a fed ex truck on a highway. plus firefighters forced out. the late update from san jose fire about the moldy problem at one of its stations. later -- >> they can put guns on a plane this time. they could have easily put a bomb on one of those planes. new at 4:30, smuggling loaded guns on to a plane.
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the elaborate scheme several men pulled off to get past security. taking a live look at your traffic as we approach 4:10 on this tuesday in san jose, you're looking at highway 101 southbound on the right. that's backed up. that is 880 going over the top.
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i can go back and kind of laugh about it now just because it was such a crazy experience but in the moment, i was terrified.
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>> vanessa gladdio and her friends' scary experience on 80 was caught on camera. the pair was driving in the sierra community last saturday when a woman suddenly cut them off. the driver slammed on her brakes, forcing the pair to stop. she then got out of the car and pretended to be an officer trying to arrest the two young women. they didn't believe a word she said and took off again, then called the police. >> go to the officer, go to the officer, go to the officer. okay. okay. make sure he helps us, please help us. >> once police stepped in, they arrested 50-year-old deirdre orsoco. the i.d. badge she flashed was from a company providing senior assistance. she had recently gotten out of jail when this all happened. she is suspected in a hit and run in roseville just last week. >> bizarre. hopefully this is not your holiday present. flying off into the distance, a fed ex driver in colorado last
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week forgot to close the back of his truck. a family driving behind that van captured this video. at least four packages fell off before the man filming finally got the attention of the driver. that mishap will not cost anybody their holiday gift. no worries. fed ex says all the packages were accounted for and even delivered on time. firefighters from san jose station 16 can't return to their station until tests determine if there's a potentially dangerous mold problem. >> mitch matlow, captain of the fire department, gave an update this afternoon, saying there's no confirmation of mold inside the station. the captain is not sure if response times in the area will be impacted as long as the station is out of service. >> field operations is constantly monitoring response times back into this area and they are using a fluid deployment model in an attempt to address those issues and keep the response times as low as possible. >> swab and area tests will take
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place tomorrow morning in the station. abc 7 news reporter matt keller went inside to take a look at the potential problem. >> before walking through the doors leading to the tv room at san jose fire department station 16 on south king road, we were warned it was considered a hot zone because of mold. inside, more plastic sheeting around the kitchen area, cleaning supplies on the counter and red tape saying do not enter. the mold problem was discovered about nine months ago when a firefighter spokesman believes the recent rain may have caused it to spread into the living spaces. command staff determined yesterday it might be unhealthy for the 24 firefighters who use station 16 to be inside and closed it down for further inspection. >> station 16 is one of our oldest stations, one of our busiest areas. it's the heart of east side san jose. we are cognizant there's a high call volume there. i know our senior staff is diligently coming up with a plan. >> reporter: the san jose fire department says it's having crews patrol station 16's district during peak hours so
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firefighters can quickly respond to medical and fire emergencies. nearby fire stations will also help with coverage. one fire captain who did not want to be identified said station 16 will likely be closed for six to eight months for renovations. >> our job is dangerous enough. it feels good from my perspective that we made a decision to look out for our crew's safety and tried to balance our crew's safety and the safety of citizens at the same time. >> reporter: a spokesman says temporary housing could be brought in so firefighters would be able to respond more quickly to emergencies here in this area. matt keller, abc 7 news. the bay area joined a global campaign to remember the 140 children killed in pakistan last week. this group, a group gathered in the courtyard of mission san rafael to light candles and pray for the school children killed during the taliban attack. heidi kuhn launched the
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movement. she heads roots of peace, which works to remove land mines from war-torn areas. >> it's a humble act and we invite people around the world to take the simple act and moment of silence to light a candle in solemn tribute to the children who died due to the disease of terror. >> similar candlelight vigils were held in other countries. she wants people to keep the candles lit until the end of the year in honor of the young victims. as we head toward the holidays, spectacular weather today. not so spectacular coming up tomorrow. >> that's right. spencer christian is here with the day's accuweather forecast. >> well, it has been spectacular today. it still is. not going to be dreadful tomorrow, just different from today. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies all across the bay area and as i told you earlier, we have recorded six record high temperatures for this date already around the bay area, so you can see it's an unusually mild to warm day. let's talk about travel delays,
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though, because today and tomorrow are both high volume holiday travel days. as you can see right now, we are looking at almost no delays at any major airports across the 48 contiguous states. even with showers and thunder showers in the southeast. however, in the northeast, we do have delays. boston, nearly a half hour. jfk in new york, nearly 40 minutes. nearly an hour and a half delays at laguardia and newark in the new york city area. in philadelphia, 110 minutes. that's almost two hours. looks like this area may also have delays tomorrow as that storminess i showed you in the southeast will be moving up the coast tomorrow. but the rest of the 50 looking pretty good. here's a great view across the embarcadero on to the bay from the rooftop camera at abc 7. it is currently 65 degrees in san francisco. 63 across the bay in oakland. redwood city, 69. 66 apiece in san jose and morgan hill. 59 in half moon bay. here's another beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. not only does the weather look great, traffic is moving nicely as well.
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it's 67 degrees in santa rosa at this hour. 63 apiece in napa and novato. fairfield, 58. 65 in concord. 66 at livermore. a stunningly beautiful view from mount tam looking on to the bay. you see a little san francisco off to the right there. it will be partly cloudy overnight, cooler tomorrow, much cooler than today with afternoon showers likely. but they will just be brief showers. it will be breezy and cool but dry on christmas day. here's the satellite image showing high pressure holding on for just a little while longer. record warmth today but we do have this advancing cold front and the storm system up north that will bring us a quick burst of showers tomorrow so let's start the forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. beginning in the morning commute it will be partly to mostly cloudy at that hour. it will not have begun raining yet. later in the day we will see the clouds increase and by early afternoon or midday, we will see frontal systems swinging down into the northernmost part of the viewing area so the rain arrives first, or the showers up in the north bay. then by about 2:00 p.m., we will
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see showers moving down towards the golden gate into san francisco, on to some areas of the peninsula and across the bay on the east bay. then it will swing on through in the late afternoon hours and by 4:00 p.m., whatever rain is falling will be confined mainly to the south bay and santa cruz mountains. breezy behind the front. then it swings out of here. so it will be drying out tomorrow night. rainfall totals by tomorrow evening, 6:00, only .15 in higher elevations. overnight, look for some fog and clouds, low temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to around 50. tomorrow's highs right around 60 degrees. showers likely on the peninsula. highs in the upper 50s to about 60. mid 50s on the coast. 58 degrees downtown san francisco. only upper 50s in the north bay with showers. east bay highs, upper 50s to around 60. mid to upper 50s in the inland east bay. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. dry, cool, breezy on thursday, christmas day. we will have a dry pattern through the weekend into early next week.
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not much change in the temperature range. it will feel cool and winter-like but not cold or dreadful. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, the lost and now found. one local woman's reunion with her first car nearly three decades later. later, a really unusual food fight. new after 4:30, why a high-ranking official ends up with greasy food all over him. taking a live look at your traffic on this tuesday, the eve of christmas eve. 4:21, this is the bay bridge toll plaza you are cruising on through if you have fast track but if you are in the cash lanes, you are backed up a bit.
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a woman receives an unexpected holiday surprise nearly 30 years after it went missing. until monday, that is. linda alsip had not seen her
4:24 pm
forest green 1967 ford mustang in 28 years. she bought the car when she was age 17 for $800. a year after she purchased it somebody stole the mustang from outside her apartment complex. the california highway patrol recovered the car in september after a man tried to register it in his name. he had that car for 23 years. linda added the personalized license plate lndaz 67. linda's '67. she purchased the plate years ago but never had a chance to put it on that mustang. she's got it now. she's ready to go. >> certainly is. a college freshman chases her passion, graphic design, despite being unable to use her arms or hands. >> brooke feltmyer has suffered from a muscle disorder since birth so to draw, she has to use her chin. brooke dreams of one day working for disney as a graphic artist. she says she feels like she has been overcoming long odds her entire life.
4:25 pm
>> the first day of art class, my teacher did not think i was going to be able to do it. he thought i needed to be switched to a different class. >> the college freshman is also a competitive swimmer and scuba diver. she says she knows how hard she will have to work to make her disney dream a reality. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, charges of excessive force. why a federal agent says he was targeted by police in the south bay. plus, new details about a gun trafficking ring. how authorities say several men got ak-47s and loaded guns on to passenger planes. later, it's the spirit of the holidays. a bay area boy's big collection for his neighbors in nee
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in news making headlines as we approach 4:30, part of a popular trail in san francisco is off-limits today. trees are slowly sliding down a cliff at the land's end coastal trail at the edge of the richmond district. this comes after days of rain. the park service says that area will be closed through the weekend. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is gathering information about a move that would end a 31-year-old policy involving blood donations and she tweets fda lifts life ban on
4:29 pm
donations for men who have had sex with men. she will have both sides of the issue in a live report coming up. also, a police department in the south bay faces charges of excessive force by a man who says officers targeted him because he's muslim. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story live from santa clara. >> reporter: santa clara police deny the charge but say it does pit the credibility of the department against the accuser who happens to be a federal agent. take a look at some video showing what the police did back in march. santa clara police officers showed up in force with an assault weapon and sidearms drawn. also armed with a search warrant, they were looking for a dashboard video camera a relative said was stolen from his car. the accused thief was mohammed monee, a federal homeland security agent. >> this has been a pretty traumatic experience for our family. we have been a resident of santa clara for the past 20 years and
4:30 pm
everybody was shocked about what happened. >> reporter: this is video shot by a home security camera and provided to abc 7 news. the family also released still photos they say show their house after the raid. the dashboard camera was never found. a judge dismissed charges against him but he has hired an attorney who says santa clara police used excessive force and targeted him because he's muslim. >> it's a question of the overuse of police power against a person in part because of his religion, and because of their assumptions about the connection between that religion and terrorism. >> that's not the case whatsoever. if the person was not muslim, we would have the same response in the investigation. >> reporter: police say they followed procedures when a law enforcement officer is suspected of a crime so there is no suspicion of favorable treatment. they would welcome dialogue with
4:31 pm
the muslim community. he works as a customs and immigration officer for homeland security. his gun has been taken away and he has been assigned to a desk job pending an internal investigation. david louie, abc 7 news. new details today about an alleged gun trafficking ring that used passenger flights to smuggle weapons from atlanta to new york's jfk airport. we have more on exactly how authorities say the suspects pulled it off. >> reporter: the timing of the indictment couldn't be worse, as thousands are about to get on airplanes for holiday travel all over the country, the news of a major gun running operation on commercial flights. five men now charged at the center of it, two, a former delta employee, mark henry and a current one, eugene harvey, who allegedly smuggled at least 153 guns on delta flights over the past eight months. what kind? >> this is an ak-47. this gun can shoot through a car
4:32 pm
door, can shoot through an apartment door, can shoot through a bulletproof vest. >> reporter: prosecutors say henry had a lifetime of free companion flights because his mother was also a long-standing delta employee and he used them to transport the weapons. the cops say henry was at it for years in brooklyn. >> we know that his gun smuggling went back to 1991. this person literally has facilitated genocide on the brooklyn streets. >> reporter: authorities pored over surveillance video showing henry allegedly carrying a full backpack after harvey allegedly passed him the guns in an airport bathroom in atlanta. harvey, an employee and not subject to tsa screening which the d.a. says should be a major wakeup call. >> this was an egregious breach in our nation's airport security.
4:33 pm
these guys wanted to make money off of these guns but there are groups out there that want to kill us. >> reporter: abc news, new york. some holiday travelers received quite the jolt on their way to their destinations today. two airplanes brushed wings with one another this morning. it took place in new york city's laguardia airport. the left wing of the southwest plane got ripped off entirely after it made contact with the american airlines plane. fortunately, no reports of any injuries. the federal aviation administration is investigating this incident. new york city's mayor led a moment of silence today marking the moment two nypd officers were shot to death over the weekend. at 2:47 p.m., in new york, the city paused to remember officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos. 2:47 marks the time they were shot and killed in an ambush saturday. earlier, new york mayor bill de blasio and his wife visited the shooting site, placing flowers among the dozens of tributes left at the scene.
4:34 pm
de blasio urged the city to come together. >> there's a lot of pain right now. we have to work our way through that pain. we have to keep working to bring police and community closer together. >> some protesters in new york city ignored pleas from the mayor to discontinue demonstrations against police brutality until after the officers' funerals. you see a group here marching down the streets of new york city tonight. the future of a new york congressman is up in the air. staten island republican michael grimm pleaded guilty this morning to federal tax evasion. the feds say grimm hit more than $1 million in sales and wages while running a manhattan health food restaurant. prosecutors are expected to push for at least two years in prison when he's sentenced in june. grimm said during his re-election campaign he would step aside if he was not able to serve. an unusual protest in belgium. activists bombarded their prime
4:35 pm
minister with the country's national dish. he received an unwanted side of fries and mayonnaise, a belgian specialty. security guards tackled the protesters who were against his effort to raise retirement age to 67. as the protesters were taken away, the prime minister looked on smiling in a mayonnaise-stained suit and after the incident, he restarted his speech apologizing for smelling of mayonnaise. >> wow. >> took it well. >> he really did. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, one man's perfect way to uncork a champagne bottle. plus the famous name colin kaepernick was using in his pre-snap cadence. i'm spencer christian. what a view down the bay today. very un-decemberlike but we have december weather coming next.
4:36 pm
i will have the forecast in just a moment. if you are traveling over the holidays, use our abc 7 weather app to keep an eye on what's happening with live doppler 7 hd. here in the bay area, before you start your trip home. the app is free. we have more information at at 4:36, another live look at the afternoon commute. traffic is heavy in many parts of the bay area today but not too bad on 101 in san rafael. oncoming traffic is northbound. traffic on the right-hand side is headed back to the golden gate bridge and ultimately san francisco and moving decently in both directions.
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obama! obama! >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick not going to the white house this year but used the president's name as part of his pre-snap read during saturday's game against the san diego chargers. not quite sure what obama means in terms of the 49ers calls but peyton manning was famous for using omaha, omaha, omaha. now it's obama. >> sadly, it didn't help. with new year's around the corner, one man celebrates with quote a bang. the explosives and firearms expert took out a 50 caliber gun to see if he could uncork a bottle of champagne with a bullet. at first he failed to uncork a
4:40 pm
$4 bottle and the very expensive cristal. after quite a few tries he finally succeeds in popping the cap off the cheap bottle. certainly not the safest way to celebrate the new year and not recommended for your upcoming bash. >> yeah. don't do that. >> don't try that at home. >> don't do this, either. you know what happens when you drink too much eggnog. >> this is not good. a utah man took it too far and ended up in the hospital for drinking the holiday drink. drinking way too much of it. >> he chugged a cart of eggnog in 12 seconds during a contest at his office holiday party. he won bragging rights. and a $50 gift certificate to a steakhouse. later, he felt so sick he was taken to the hospital. >> yeah. doctors say eggnog literally went down his windpipe. it triggered pneumonia. he spent a full day in the icu and two more days recovering in the hospital. he says he's very competitive
4:41 pm
and two weeks later, he says the jokes haven't stopped at work. thankfully he's okay and they can joke with him. >> he's no joey chestnut. >> no. spencer christian, do not be that guy. do not be that guy. >> you don't have to worry. i'm never going to be that guy. let's take a look at the weather. we've got sunny mild un-decemberlike weather but that's about to change. skies are still sunny across the bay area. a few thin clouds are around. tomorrow will be a cooler day with a few more clouds. the national weather picture is looking more winter-like tomorrow. snow over the great lakes and other parts of the upper midwest. rain over the remainder of the northeast and along most of the atlantic coast, actually. sunny in the nation's midsection, especially the central southern plains and southwest, showery along much of the pacific coast. that includes california. state-wide we will see showers from north to almost south, down to the central part of the state, and it will be partly to mostly cloudy down south, as a matter of fact, with highs of
4:42 pm
only 71 in los angeles, 70 san diego. in the bay area, we expect showers to arrive in the afternoon hours tomorrow and may be out of here by early evening. they won't last very long. we don't expect to get a great deal of rain but it will be wet part of the day tomorrow, christmas eve, with high temperatures ranging from upper 50s to about 60 tomorrow. it will be dry, cool and breezy for christmas. larry and ama? >> dry is good. thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the mistake many people make while traveling during the holidays. what you can do to protect your home from burglars. plus, get ready to pay more for that carton of eggs at the start of the new year. we will tell you what's driving up the price. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. an important recall for coffee lovers. that's coming up.
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which means it's timeson for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. do you recognize any of the people in these photos? an abc 7 news viewer says she found this camera in the bay area and wants to return it to its rightful owner. the camera has some photos of some really pretty special moments, including a family visit to a pumpkin patch right
4:46 pm
there, and another moment standing on the sidelines at metlife stadium in new jersey. if you recognize any of the people in the photos, please contact us through our abc 7 news facebook page so we can help get the camera back to its rightful owner. >> bet they would love to get that. safeway has pulled pre-packaged caramel apples from its shelves one day after the family of a santa cruz woman filed a lawsuit against the grocery chain. the suit claims the 81-year-old woman bought the apples in felton a few days before halloween. she died on december 2nd from a listeria infection. health officials say she was sickened with the same strains of listeria as four others whose deaths were linked to those caramel apples. the centers for disease control is still trying to determine which brands are involved. safeway would not comment on the suit. making an omelet or scrambled eggs may soon cost you a little bit more. starting on january 1st, new regulations on eggs go into effect in california. chickens by law must have more space to move around. a poultry technician says each
4:47 pm
chicken will receive 116 square inches of space, up from 69. experts worry there might be an egg shortage. >> if you just look at the numbers, if we only produce 60% before, we are going to be producing about 35% of our eggs come january 1st so that means the other 65% is going to have to come from out of state producers. >> speaking of which, california's out of state egg producers must also meet this new rule. industry analysts say egg prices could go up anywhere from 20 cents per dozen to $3. a warning today about social media this holiday season. experts today sharing too much online could make you a target for burglars and you might not even know it. abc news reporter aditi roy has more on what you need to know. >> reporter: back in the day, you would have to peer in someone's window to know if they were home alone. but these days, all it takes to
4:48 pm
know if someone's home is empty is to rummage through their social media. >> you think posting wherever you go is fun and you are actually letting people know i'm gone, go over and take what you want. >> reporter: laverne should know. her home was cleaned out after her daughter posted their family's vegas vacation on her facebook page, tipping off the burglars who were monitoring the page that the family was out of town. >> most people are checking in constantly on their device. so we are telling everybody elsewhere we are and what we're doing and the fact that we're not home, we are out somewhere else. >> reporter: one survey out of the uk says more than 78% of burglars are using social media to find their targets. how do you protect yourself from winter break-ins? experts say don't overshare on social media and keep your privacy settings and location services on your phone. >> go into settings, scroll down
4:49 pm
to privacy and then location services and all the apps down there are all the apps that use the location services so for example, your camera, change it to never use location services. click that. or you can scroll back up to location services and turn it off. just like that. >> reporter: also, don't check in on facebook from airports or hotels. that tells would-be thieves that you are leaving town. while it may be tempting, don't post photos while you're away. wait until you're back home before sharing them. >> make it a later gram. >> make it a later gram, yes. >> reporter: if you just can't help yourself, choose friends and followers carefully. keeping your home safe by securing your home page. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. a coffee maker blamed for burning at least 90 people is being voluntarily recalled. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has a warning on something that could be in your
4:50 pm
home. >> this is really really popular. it will be a popular gift this year. keurig are recalling more than six million of its popular single serve coffee makers. these are pictures from the consumer products safety commission. all of the 90 reports of burn injuries are associated with model number k-10. the coffee makers were manufactured between december 2009 and july 2014. customers can contact keurig through its website or a toll-free number on the website to get a free repair kit. the annual award for auto safety are out. we have video from the insurance institute for highway safety which this year awarded 71 safety awards, that's up dramatically from last year when only 39 were given out. this is especially significant because in 2012, the federal safety standards were made more rigorous. a lot more vehicles failed the crash test. this year many vehicles such as the toyota rav 4 which previously failed the test are
4:51 pm
among the vehicles rated the safest. for a complete list of safety award winners, go to our website at click on 7 on your side. gift cards have been the most requested item on a holiday wish list since 2007 and yet 40% of recipients won't use a total value of the card. some of you might think having a gift card with just a few dollars of value left on it is inconvenient and not worth keeping. but richard hulliver of consumer federation of california says do not throw it out. >> in california, you have the right to cash it in. once the value is below $10. also, they cannot charge fees for the card being dormant, things like that, which are charged in other states but not in california. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m. on abc 7 news, i will have more information on and ideas for the use of gift cards. hang around and watch that. >> it seems like almost every store now offers gift cards.
4:52 pm
>> it's amazing. you can get them anywhere. >> it's amazing, isn't it. >> thank you, michael. up next, in the spirit of giving, a bay area boy's selfless act to give to needy people in his community. i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. new at 5:00, it's the season for bank robberies, a crime that seems to be on the rise just before the holidays. how police caught suspects in a series of holiday heists. and running on low. how the napa earthquake took away some of the holiday donations supposed to go to needy and how you can help.
4:53 pm
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tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is shrek the halls followed by toy story that time forgot, at 9:00, it's the year then join dan and me for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we would love to see how you are celebrating the holidays where you live. share your holiday photos with
4:56 pm
us on twitter. use the hash tag where you live. you can also e-mail photos or video to us. this is a great story. a 9-year-old palo alto boy is showing us the true spirit of the holiday season by collecting and donating gift cards to homeless people. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has his story. >> reporter: two days before christmas, 10-year-old benjamin leroy is still filling out his holiday cards. but look again. these cards are for strangers. strangers who are homeless. >> the card says dear neighbor to give out a little message so they can know, it shows they permanently live here. >> reporter: he is also tucking something special into the note. gift cards to restaurants he has collected first from friends and neighbors, but word about his fund-raiser spread quickly and strangers started donating. he has raised $1,000. that equals about 80 gift cards.
4:57 pm
>> a lot more than i thought. i thought i would get $300 worth of cards. that's it. >> reporter: benjamin got the idea watching his mother, who is an attorney. she fought against a proposed law that would make it illegal to sleep in a car. >> i saw how they lived and i felt sorry for them. so i decided to get them a little christmas present. holiday present. >> reporter: this morning brought the moment he has been waiting for. handing out the gift cards in downtown palo alto. >> looking forward to seeing their faces when they open it, when they get it. they'll be really happy. i'm hoping that they will feel like palo alto cares a little bit more about them. >> reporter: benjamin says his recipients are excited and surprised to receive the cards. he says he's thinking about doing this again not next christmas. he's thinking about easter. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
4:58 pm
thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. these crimes are difficult to solve. but we are solving them every day. >> holiday holdups. bay area police are seeing more bank robberies this time of year. what investigators say is driving people to steal. falling earth. a big landslide at a popular san francisco trail. what it means if you like to run, walk or ride your bike. new recommendations, the fda says gay men can soon donate blood after a long ban. why even the new changes are controversial. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. record warmth today, rain tomorrow. we will take a look at the holiday forecast coming up. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. new at 5:00, it's the season for bank robberies. two days before christmas, police across the bay area have a series of unsolved crimes on their hands. >> take a look.
4:59 pm
one of the robbers even dressed as santa, if you can believe it. here's the most recent robbery. a man accused of hitting the bank of america in san mateo just yesterday. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us from the newsroom. police in san francisco caught a couple people they think are responsible for two dozen robberies. >> that's right. the fbi and san francisco police are calling them serial bank robbers, accused of robbing not only banks but pharmacies. they are bandits with some catchy nicknames. he's called the clown. police say he's one of the two serial bank robbers they captured last week. undercover officers arrested him after they say he robbed this pharmacy on van ness. >> he is actually responsible for 15 incidents. some of them are here in san francisco as well as some in san mateo county. >> reporter: the other serial bank robber, police say, was caught after leaving this bank on irving street. he was dubbed the chuck taylor bandit because of the sneakers he wore. police say he robbed ten banks
5:00 pm
that they know of. there has been a huge number of bank robberies in the past month, 19 to be exact. there always seems to be an upswing during the holiday season. >> overall this year we are actually down from last year. but within the last month, november was a very big month and december so far has been a big month as well. >> reporter: the bandits may need money to buy drugs. these may be hard times for them or they may simply be smitten with the holiday spirit. >> they might be motivated by trying to care for their loved ones or trying to purchase something special for them. >> reporter: that may be why police are seeing so many santas at banks. san francisco police are looking for this one who robbed a bank during the santa-con event several weeks ago, the holiday pub crawl where hundreds are dressed as santa. this different santa claus with a gun told the teller he needed money to pay his elves. the fbi says in 2011 the last year they compiled statistics,


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